One of the RSD Cleaning's main resources is the RSD Washboat, which is used in the cleaning of buildings, objects and large yachts, working from the water and using the Pure Water System.The RSD Washboat is equipped with a Pure Water Filter Unit, which purifies tap water, removing calcium, minerals and metal contaminants. A gleaming surface free of streaking can now be achieved without the need for chemical additives and cleaning agents, which is what makes this method so environmentally friendly.A building, yacht or other object is washed using telescopic carbon cleaning lances. These lances feature specially designed cleaning brushes with a protective rim to prevent damage.The RSD Washboat is equipped with jet drives allowing it to be perfectly positioned throughout the cleaning process.NAUTICAL CLEANING SOLUTIONS!The Pure Water System is ideal for cleaning:- glass- teak decking- polyester, epoxy or coated hulls  and other smooth parts of the boat- stainless steel and other metal components- ...The RSD Washboat is the ideal solution for a host of marine cleaning problems! Natural Stone TreatmentNautic-CleaningOsmotic Glass CleaningPost -Renovation Clean-UpSolar Panel Cleaning