Osmotic Glass Cleaning

RSD Cleaning also have a Pure Water System for use in cleaning the glazing of buildings.

The system consists of a Pure Water Fiter Unit which purifies tap water to deliver 99% pure water. The filtration unit uses a series of filters to remove all calcium, minerals and bacteria from the tap water, leaving just pure water behind. Water in this highly purified form can be used for cleaning on its own: soap and other chemical cleaning agents are unnecessary, which is better for the environment. Unlike standard tap water, pure water dries after cleaning to leave a gleaming surface without streaking.

Our service vehicle is equipped with a Heating Unit capable of bringing the pure water up to 60°C. This Unit has been developed to allow quicker, more effective and more environmentally frienly cleaning. Using heated Pure water enables us to remove heavy soiling around 30% faster, without the use of any chemical additives.

The Pure Water System can be operated in complete safety from the ground up to 15 metres, using our extremely lightweight telescopic carbon lances. The system is extremely suitable for the washing of glazing and smooth building facades, and equips us to safely clean up to 4 stories high without the need for a ladder or mobile access platform. The Pure Water System also makes a superb job of  cleaning solar panels.